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I've been with Adult Friend Finder for just under 3 months. (I have a week left) But even

though I've had great success at meeting women on this site, I don't think

I'll be renewing. Thanks to you " Adult Friend Finder" I met a wonerful woman named

Laura. She lives 3 hours away but that doesn't matter. I'm meeting her for

the first time next weekend. These next 5 days will be the longest! But I'm

sure she'll be worth the wait! Out of all the Personal Sites I've been too,

this is by far the BEST!
... I really LOVE this site. after fooling around with AFF I think this site is the BOMB!!
I will be getting married in July to a very wonderful man that I met through Adult Friend Finder. We started writing last August and our wedding date is July 21st. Again Many thanks!!!
About a month ago i started talking to a girl on here. she lived about a half hour away from me and she looked pretty damn good... i was kind of skeptical and nervous at first but sure enough we met and had a nice long day of watching movies, cuddling and a nice long fucking session where she had 5 amazing orgasms in a half was the best sex of my short life...thanks Adult Friend Finder
It has been awhile, so I am not even sure if that was my exact handle any more - However I just wanted to write and thank you for the love of my life!!!! We are both in our forties and are divorced with children from our marraiges - dating is tough with at our age and with all those other factors. It is two months today that we met for the first time and ever since then it has been incredible. We have had some kind of contact with each other since the day we met, be it emails or phone calls and see each other a few times a week at least. We are there for each other with the tough stuff and celebrate the good things in each others lives as well. He lights up my face just by entering a room. It is indeed magic! He was the first person I wrote to and it went past all of my wildest hopes and dreams. We really DO complete each other! I will continue to keep you posted.

This is the first site of this genre I've ever logged onto. I appreciate the "rules and regs" which you have included.

I applaud you on the profile info which you request; it managed to be both com-prehensive yet concise (several sites I looked at could only manage one or the other, if that). Thanks for working to create this site.
I have found the service here so far very good to excellent and at the moment am feeling my way around but will endevour to send any comments to you for future reference
I came to Adult Friend Finder looking for some discreet sexual encounters with the right person. I found the right girl who wanted the same and we had alot of fun. Thanks Adult Friend Finder.
Thank you very much. I'm overwelmed with joy. Didn't really think anyone read these for real.

Thank you again.
Kwahu and I are both former members of this site. We met here 5 years ago this June (04) and have been together since. We both just wanted to say Thank You! This site was great for us.

TazzyT & Kwahu
I have already found the man of my dream thanks to your site. We got married this August.I am so happy.Thank you.
Hello, I was just wanting to let you know that I love your service. It is the best one that I have

joined. I love all the features and how I have the option to change my profile and everything.

Thanks for such a great service! Thanks again and keep up the good work!
A few weeks ago I finally met the love of my life thanks to your site. PaBear68 is the sweetest man alive and his kids are wonderful. I can't wait until the day we get married and have a baby of our own together. You guys are wonderful!!!!!!
Yeah, this is a kewl site. Keep up the good work guys.
It has always been my desire to be a member at Adult Friend Finder and I'm very proud that you have admitted me to famous site.And I just wish your management a good success of this venture.I also wish all the users of Adult Friend Finder well
The success story is simply how Adult Friend Finder has improved the site....and its function. I'm a technology guy,...and have worked as project manager on many migrations. NOT AN EASY THING! Your members should only know!! Adult Friend Finder and the tech team has done a wonderful job. Also...the credit tokens to VIP members was a pure touch of class! I'll be an Adult Friend Finder fan for a long time to come! Good luck, Reg Tardiff
This is the best adult club site I have seen around in a while!!! Much KUDO's to all staff members. One thing I like about your site is that your pages are fast due to low graphic

content unless you ask for it)... Keep up the outstanding job!!!
Doc and I met on Adult Friend Finder a year ago, both going through a divorce at the time. A year later, after daily calls between amercia and south africa we met and the rest they say is history... We are currently going through the imigration process and plan to marry next fall. Thank you all at Adult Friend Finder, for helping us find the north in our lives.

Doc & Red

I really believe your service is excellent. thank you

Almost 14 weeks ago i was in a chat room and i hit it off with a guy from Canada. I am twice divorced with 2 kids and never thought that i would find that special someone. We hit it off perfectly. I went and visited him last month and he proposed to me!! We are going to get married in May of 2006. And he is coming to visit me this week to meet my kids. Thank you so much for helping me find the man of my dreams.
I would like to say that this is not the first dating/penpal website I have been on but it is the only one that has kept me coming back for the longest period, and I would put that down to your profesional conduct in not allowing undesireables to enter. And also the response I have

received has been average/and above with you as opposed to other websites offereing the

same service. There for I will remain,
I came to Adult Friend Finder by accident, but decided to give it a try. Within a few weeks I started talking to one of the other members and after talking for 5 months online we met. A little over a year later we married and now have a little baby boy. Thank you.
Dear Adult Friend Finder, Thanks so much for all of the aphrodites matches. I love

sex,all the time,and your sight helps me fullfill all of my sexual appetites.
I really like this place I am on almost every dating site but only come here to play. I even went to the other sites and told my friends to come join here. Thank you.
I wanted to thank you for allowing me to find the most beautiful, perfect person on line with your service. She has brought love and happiness into my life and I look forward to chatting with her every day! She definitely "Rocks" my world!

Thanks Again!
I just had to relay to you my deepest thanks for the services that you provide. I have only been

registered for 3 weeks and have made more friends, all over the world, than I ever thought possible. I enjoy logging on and seeing who is new and chatting wit h friends. I have even met

someone very special to me now. It is due to your service. We would meet every day and chat in private or with friends. I even went as far as flying to meet this person due to our conversations here. Thank you again,so very much, Adult Friend Finder for opening up a whole new world

for me. It is, in my opinion, one of the best and nicest places to meet new friends. Sincerely,

i would just like to thank Adult Friend Finder so much for helping me to find my soulmate and perfect partner whynot30 and i chatted and discovered so much we share even though we are in different countries he has made my happiness complete. We are going to meet up next year and continue to chat until then so watch this space for an update and thankyou again Adult Friend Finder for bringing us together
just like to say thank you Adult Friend Finder. you gave me the opportunity to find the person that i was looking for. we been together for 2 fabulous days now.
thank you so very much i really love this site and am so glad to be a part of your family
I can not tell you guys how cool your site is, I go to other sites and tell everyone to come here...Thanks for all you have done..MMarcus
Thank you for being available. I personally believe that (on-line) personals really help people out with their relationships and I love what you are doing here. Keep up the excellent work! Once

again, Thank you.
I love you're site! we have made lot's of new friends. We have met peoples near us that we did'nt even know were here. We are having lot's of fun thank's to you Adult Friend Finder !

Dear Admin Staff, my old friend Jessica in particular, thank you for your continued excellent

support, advice and above all, understanding and patience.

I recently came too Adult Friend Finder from another site.. I was there for one year.. I had 4 or 5 contacts. I have been with you for 1 month and have had 12!! Very nice--I am going to meet a lady in Canada soon.. I like your style--Don't change anything unless it is for the better-
Dear Adult Friend Finder,

I have found the man of my dreams. He is everything I want and he wants me. He has proposed marriage to me and I accepted. We are so right for each other. Thanks.
Thanks SOOOO MUCH! What a surprise!!

I am VERY pleased with your service and have recommended it to several of my friends already.

Keep up the good work guys!!!
Thank you for making this wonderful site available. Am sure I'll enjoy it.
I just wanted to let you know I think

that this is a wonderful service and I am sending in my payment for a

full years membership.
Dear Admin. Thank you so much. I really impressed with a quick and quality

service.Especially I liked the feature like helping with wise and

thoughtful advices to the customers. I read it yesterday and was very

impresssed. I have never seen it anywhere else, but "Adult Friend Finder". Also wanted to

mention about convenient and brilliant way of building the site. It's

attractive, approachable and easy to use. I enjoy using it very much. You

get the feeling that everything is possible when on Adult Friend Finder. Thanks for

giving us customers the opportunity to feel comfortable here and you are a

wonderful host. Thanks again Linn
I would like to cancel because I have had more then enough responces to my profile.
I just wanted to say I think you have a great service and I don't think anything needs to be changed at all. I've tried others, and they didn't compare to yours. Keep up the good work.
I just wanted to say the reason that I am unscribing is because I had found my soul mate. On my very first try. He is everything that I ever wanted in a person. I would like to thank you for the love that I had found. Our shall I say you connected me with.
I can't belive the number of times that I have gotten layed off the service! There are so many hot horny women out there it makes hard thinking about it! thanks Adult Friend Finder! I had no time for bars since my divorce. Thanks to Adult Friend Finder I have had sex any time I want it thanks again Adult Friend Finder.
Well I think this is a very good meeting site alot eaiser then any other

ones I have looked at or tried. So I would just like to say keep up the good

work, and I hope to be with you until I meet the right person.

I was on here just for fun, then I met a wonderful women who I want the whole world to know that I love her. Things happened beyond our control and we may never get to share our love, but I just wanted everyone to know you can find someone special on a site like this. Just fight as hard as you can if you do find true love..fight with all you got, never wonder "what if"
haha thank you so far i love your site..met a lot of nice people on here..
Thank you for bringing such a wonderful site to the web...I have had MANY hours of fun onlin here, and have met some wonderful people. I have made some new friendships that will be

carried on for many years..Thank you!!!
I am really encouraged by your excellent services at my doorstep. Keep it real.
I have to thank you for your services. I've been a member for over 6 mos. and

never thought I would find a woman of my dreams. I've written to several but

never found anything in common with them. I was about to give up when I had a

woman write to me. I waited for a week before I answered back and we exchanged

pictures. We talked over the phone and found out we have a lot in common. Even

though she found me first, I fell in love with her. She lived in NC and I lived

in SC! I've never been in a long distance relationship but we tried it and I

decided to move to NC so I could be closer to her. She asked me to move in with

her and I accepted. Since then, we have grown fonder of each other and share our

inner most secrets. Now, I have proposed to her and she accepted. We can't wait

until next year to become husband and wife. I can't thank you enough. Your

program works! I wish everyone the best in life and you can find that special

person. Thanks again,
I find your service perfect!!!
Dear Administration. I want to tell you too that as a result of becoming a member of Adult Friend Finder

just 3 months ago, I have met the most wonderful person ( truly ) in my LIFE ! Words don't

adequately express the amount of thanks I feel to Adult Friend Finder for allowing us the opportunity to meet. I have been a member of many other chat programs over the past 2 years and NOTHING tops THIS forum. A thousand thank you's wouldn't be enough to describe my gratitude. Suffice

it to say it is nothing short of MAGNIFICENT! Smiling as never before.
I have found someone I love very much and I need to concentrate solely on that relationship. Thanks for all the great work....keep it up
Thanx so much for accepting me into your site N 4 finding me matches. I am really grateful.

With Love and Prayers
Just thought I'd let you know that Rodeochick and Krzypim have found true love thanks to you...Your the best....I may have found my true love as well...Thanks're the greatest.
Thanks a million guys....You are all A okay.. More power to all.
Great site! I had 3 ads on 3 different sites. I have cancelled the other 2,

and am keeping this one. After just 1 month of my ad being out, I have guys

crawling all over me! I love it! The other 2 site were just kind of

ho-hum... Adult Friend Finder has been the tops, by far! The lonlely nights I was

experiencing are a thing of the past! Thanks again, and you have the #1

dating site, as far as I'm concerned!

i got to say, this site is way better than other sites, you get a big price drop like that in 3 months. wow. this site should be advertised more
Thank you I have met someone really nice and would like to spend my time with him.

I just want to tell you How much I enjoy your service. I have been on it for two hours. Thank You!!
I have so far enjoyed Adult Friend Finder. It has been fun and interesting. I have seen some very interesting profiles and they all sound very nice. This is new for me and was a fun experience.

I'm glad I tried it. Yours Truly,
Just wanted to thank you for this place and the chat room. I have met and made many new friends and it would not have been possible without Adult Friend Finder. Thanks....
I became a member on Adult Friend Finder over a year ago. Since that time I have met some really great people. Most have become great friends, but just recently I met someone that has become a very special part of my life. About a month ago, I received an Adult Friend Finder email from one of your new members. We began sharing email, and continued to do so for about a week. Then one Sunday, I got a message from him saying he was at the radio station (he is a DJ), and for me to tune into his station so I could hear his voice (he had seen my pic, but I had not seen his). We emailed back and forth that afternoon while I listened to his show. During the following week we talked on the phone and shared more email, setting up our first date for that weekend. I still did not know what he looked like, but we had so much in common, from the music we listen to, to our spirituality, that I knew if the romance was not there, we would definitley become friends.

When we met for the first time, there was an instant attraction. It was more than just a physical attraction, and we have dated every weekend since. After visiting the dating sites for over a year, I was really beginning to doubt if I would ever meet someone who would become more than a friend, so my advice to everyone out there searching is to be patient.... you just never know!
I have never tried a service on the internet before but I will definitely tell all my single friends

about Adult Friend Finder. Not only do you give a new member insentive to stay and experiment the

different options available, your service is very professionally done. I have already made

contact with a few members who are interested in my honesty for my search of my sole mate.I was a little leary at first to join because of some of the stories I heard about services on the

net that sucker you in with supposed help then just bleed you dry with continuous road blocks

into contacting some of the members. Adult Friend Finder definitely gets my vote for the perfect service

and all my friends who are tired of the search will be logging on. thank you
Congrats on your first year and the success of your business. This is one of my favorite sites

and has given me the opportunity to meet new friends and open some previously difficult doors

to open.
Dear Adult Friend Finder staff,

I would just like to thank you for your wonderful

site!, I've found the woman of my dreams, me and Hypercow (Izel) have

clicked!!. We both wanted to let you know that we will not be using your

services again!!. You have made two more people very happy!!, if it wasn't

for this site, we would have never met, thank you!. You have an excellent

site here, and I know that some of our friends will be joining and hoping to

find their soulmates on here as well. Keep up the good work!!, and thank

you once again!. Regards Hypercow and Huskyman (Izel and Matt).
I love your service, particularly the way it's set up. I am afforded the privacy, when receiving mail and it makes me feel safe and secure knowing my privacy is protected. I have received so many letters from potential suitors since signing up with your service! I am experiencing the time of my life going out on dates!
We'd both just joined in the late fall of '01 and connected in October. We corresponded for a month before arranging a meeting. We met, clicked big time, and spent the next 3 years of seeing each other every other weekend, since we both had kids. He proposed in June of last year and we set the wedding for April 16, 2005. We'd both like to thank you for bringing us together. Your site is fantastic! Christine and Glen
I met a wonderful man on your site in January 1999. He lived in New Jersey and I lived in California. We would chat each day in Adult Friend Finder and then about 3 months later we met for the first time. Things just continued to grow and our relationship developed. We saw each other about once a month when he had business in California. In 2001 he took a job in Arizona to be closer to me. Well I finally got tired of the long distance life and we got married and built a home in AZ. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in Feb and we\'re SO GRATEFUL to your site for helping us meet. There is no way we would have found each other if it had not been for Adult Friend Finder! I truly believe that we were meant to be together for the rest of our lives. We\'re more in love today than we were 6 years ago when we were searching for a mate on your AWESOME website! Thank you so much for making my dream man a reality. Adult Friend Finder is the best!
i want to say thanks to Adult Friend Finder, yesterday night i find a one girls and i had a great sex of my life, your service is wonderful
Just a little note to congratulate you on providing such a great site. Ive

joined many dating sites but always in one way or another i find them

lacking. Adult Friend Finder has it all and then some. Long may it continue and prosper!

Annaliese -x-
Just wanted to let you know I really like your site. Its easy to set up and I really enjoy chat here, use it almost every day in fact. The response to my profile has been WOW and it's alot of fun to read the responses. That's about it...just wanted to send a thank you
I would like to thank you for your great site. On my recent trip to Europe I was able to meet few guys from this site. I selected guys in Italy, Germany, France and Serbia, who posted pictures of their penis on their profile and I made some great choices. My trip was full of great sex,they provided what I wanted - Gangbangs. We had lot of kinky scenes, my favorite was a night sex with two men in a gondola in Venice. Thank you again for helping me with my fantasies.
Thank you. I appreciate the prompt help. I will recommend the service to others because of the

response you have given me. aAgain thanks for the help.
Thank you so much for offering this site on a trial basis. I met my boyfriend on this site. He is from Chicago and was signed on for a trial basis. In the short time he replyed to my profile and we have been chatting/dating. I think it is very important to be able to take the time to get to know each other first and dating sometimes does not offer you opportunity to really express yourself honestly as much as emails in which you can be upfront and honest, if you want to have a lasting relationship. I live in Michigan and although he is far away I value the time that we do spend together. Just wanted to show my appreciation for your site, it has definitely changed my life.
Join Adult Friend Finder

for success!!!

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